First Years

After graduating from high school, she continues her studies at the Brera Academy of Milan, learns about the works of past artists and compares them with contemporary ones. Intense years are also marked by difficult and painful moments that fuel the need for Paola Alma Gemelli to confront the mystery of life and death.

“I love my life and that is to seek a dialogue with death as it is an integral part of our existence. My beginning and my end. We use a life to learn to live but we never get prepared in the face of death. My art is an invitation to reflect on the existence of two indivisible figures that are part of what we are.”

Memento Mori

Thus begins an emotional journey that in the photographic project “Memento Mori” finds its expression and soon translates into a series of self-portraits in the natural dimension in which the artist retracts, in familiar places, stretched as if he were dead.

The ancient relationship that links life and death, the mystery of man and nature, traces the contours of his artistic journey that Paola Alma Gemelli has brought to a higher level by transforming the paintings into a unique clothing line Something in which drawings of strong symbolic meaning become art to wear.

Bones, organs alive or dead, in contrast to a flower, a plant, a color, are the spokesman for a universal message that through exhibitions in major Italian cities (including Milan and Turin) and international (including Berlin and Miami) and Thanks to the Alma Gemelli-Wearing Art creations, traveled around the world, telling emotions that belong to the story of each one of us.

She tells her:

“When I was a kid, I liked spending hours in my room to create. Crayons, pencils, charcoal, watercolors, acrylics, glue and paper, all meant for me, were my world. My room still has marks everywhere, from the chair to the floor to the head of the bed.”

Alma Gemelli

Alma Gemelli