Alma Gemelli è l’artista del mese Bottle-Up

Alma Gemelli is the artist of the month Bottle-Up company that offers custom labels for wine and beer bottles.

By linking to you can create your own bottle in just 5 clicks, you will receive it along with the WikiBottle certificate that contains the description of the selected win /beer, history and contacts of the producer, and author’s information Of the selected label.

There are three proposals signed by Alma Gemelli, one for each collection:
– Heart Sketch, Alma Gemelli’s Satin collection
– Rose of Heart, Alma Gemelli’s Cubism collection
– Thought, Alma Gemelli’s Water collection

The three creations in addition to dressing Bottle-Up bottles are available on unisex t-shirts and dresses at the Alma Gemelli store in Corso di Porta Ticinese 87 in Milan and in the Shop section of this site.